Update long overdue

Well, here it is. I have finally updated the content on my website. What took so long? I’ve been a little busy. And I’m easily distracted and forget all about the website and how to actually do an update and… I have lots of excuses, but few of them are good. The People in the Parks section hasn’t changed, mainly because I’ve been doing other work. The Saint Cloud pieces were tests for how I might create paintings of places in my new hometown. Backgammon boards are something I’ve played with for years. I love backgammon and have more ideas for themed boards, but they must wait. Why? Because of the work I’m posting for the AfterLater Art section. These are illustrations for a little story that I have written, and they are taking forever. Who knew that creating one’s own world could be so labor intensive? Each picture presents new challenges and I’m having a ball getting this done. I have 15 more planned. It has taken over a year to complete this first set. I will add more as they are completed. Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Going the Distance

Who knew that marathons were such a big deal at Walt Disney World? I found out when my friend Matt Walker came to run in the 2015 Disney Marathon in January. Unbelievable!! Thousands of people, men and women, young and old, with one goal... to run 26 miles. Me, I never have been and never will be a runner, and I do have a bucket list, but running a marathon is definitely NOT on that list. It was on Matt's list, and he pushed his way through and completed the course. I will admit that it was impressive, watching the runners as they approached the finish line. Some loped gracefully, hardly looking like they had broken a sweat, while others, grimly determined with a look on their faces that evoked pity and admiration, walked and limped and staggered across the finish line, accompanied by the cheers of Disney cast members and family and friends. Who knew?

"Going the Distance" is my tribute to these athletes. 

Last weekend, there were more runners at Disney for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I will be doing another piece to honor these runners, too. This one was a little bit crazy because many of the runners ran in costume. Not everyone (Brent!), but many. This is going to be fun! Stay tuned.


The newest piece is ready and up. It's called "Backpacking". Every family seems to have at least one backpack, and they carry everything... maybe even the kitchen sink! Enjoy!

Ta Da!!!

I think I'm all done for now. The "About" page is finished... probably should have asked someone else to write THAT for me... and I think I am satisfied. For now. I admit, I am a fiddler and will probably fiddle with the site obsessively on a daily basis. And if you find any typos, let me know. I won't mind. Questions or suggestions? Please! In the meantime, enjoy! I'm working on another piece right now but, as the name of the studio suggests, it won't be ready immediately.

Building the site

Let's see... by my calculations, it has only taken me about 10 years to get around to building a website.  Why so long? Dunno. Probably has something to do with not thinking I had anything to say or show. So, what has changed? Well, I still don't think I have much to say, but I do have something to show. More about that later. For now, though, the site still needs work, but you can see some of my recent creations. Let me know what you think.